PFPPA in Hebron

PFPPA has been working in Hebron area for many years providing various services in both its clinic and youth center.

The Women Health Clinic provides the following services:

Family planning
Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
Treatment of Gynecological problems
Pre-post natal care
Treatment of infertility
Early detection of breast and cervical cancer
Menopausal issues care
Laboratory and diagnostic testings
Health, psychological, social and legal counseling by professional staff who also deliver awareness raising sessions regarding sexual and reproductive health within the clinic and in different areas within the district
Free of charge consultations at the clinic or by phone and providing awareness raising sessions at the clinic and in different areas within the district.

The Pediatric Clinic provides the following services:

Clinical examination to children ages newborn-16 years old
Diagnosis of all children diseases acquired and congenital
New born examination
Referring services to laboratories, hospitals and ex-rays

Working Dates and Hours:

The Health Clinic is opened all week except Fridays from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm

Phone Number: 02/ 2228857

Fax Number: 02/ 2217332
The Youth Center:

The youth center provides training sessions, life skills trainings, workshops, individual and group counseling, awareness raising sessions and meetings in regards to sexual reproductive health issues to youth ages 15-25 years old. The center depend mainly on volunteers involvement in implementing the various activities and in peers education. It is worth mentioning that PFPPA and according to its strategic goals is based on youth and volunteers involvement within the association, and that they are aware of their sexual and reproductive health, needs and rights, and are making their decisions and playing their roles based on information and education they are receiving.

Working Dates and Hours:

The Youth Center is opened all week except Fridays from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm

Phone Number: 02/ 2219187

Fax Number: 02/ 2217332

Location: Ein Sarah – al-Amal billah building

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