PFPPA in Bethlehem

PFPPA has been working in Bethlehem area for many years providing various services.

The Women Health Clinic provides the following services:

Family planning
Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
Treatment of gynecological problems
Pre-post natal care
Treatment of infertility
Early detection of breast and cervical cancer
Menopausal issues care
Laboratory and diagnostic testings
Health, psychological, social and legal counseling by professional staff who also deliver awareness raising sessions regarding sexual and reproductive health within the clinic and in different areas within the district

Working Dates and Hours:
The Health Clinic is opened all week except Fridays and Sundays from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm
Phone Number: 02/ 2770438
Fax Number: 02/ 2770438

Location: Bab Zqaq, next to al-Husseini Hospital


In celebration of the Population World Day what do you thinks the theme for 2015 was?