PFPPA Launches “I Decide” Campaign
PFPPA Launches “I Decide” Campaign

Palestinian Family Planning and protection Association launched today #IDecide campaign which is a part of the Vision 2020 Manifesto of the International Planned Parenthood Federation to mobilize action for change on a number of different sexual and reproductive goals, this vision was adopted in 2014 and continues for seven years until 2020.

It is worth noting that the campaign is being held internationally by associations and countries that have adopted the Vision 2020, the campaign’s main goal is to influence decision makers to prioritize and invest in unmet family planning needs, with a sharp focus on the needs of marginalized and vulnerable women and girls, additionally, the campaign focuses each year on two goals of the Manifesto, and for this year the goals are: Goal 2 – Increase access to sexual and reproductive health and rights in order to close the gap between the top and bottom wealth quintiles by 50% by the year 2020 Goal 7 – Reduce by at least 50% the current unmet need for family planning by the year 2020 Several straplines for this year’s campaign will be used, including: #IDecide … Equal access to family planning #IDecide … Equal access to contraception #IDecide … The right to decide how to plan my family The campaign continues between the 8th – 14th of May 2017, where activities will be implemented in PFPPA’s different Service Delivery Points and centers, and will include theatrical performances, awareness raising sessions, drawing paintings, and disseminating positive messages.

As the campaign is advocating for human rights, and is targeting youth specifically, since it is coinciding with the open hunger strike that Palestinian prisoners are going through in the Israeli Occupation’s prisons until their fair demands and basic rights are met, PFPPA decided to raise slogans this year in support to their cause, that is all of the Palestinian people’s cause, and to hold part of its activities in dedication to the struggle of youth prisoners and all Palestinian prisoners in general.

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